Why Be Coached By Me?

  • I am a proven academic problem solver here to clarify the confusion of your dissertation process by guiding you to set your most important priorities.
  • I am an interdisciplinary public scholar in an increasingly interdisciplinary world. I have degrees in engineering, science and social science so I can assist with all disciplines.
  • I am a pusher! I push myself to be excellent and I love to see others being and doing their best. Therefore, I get to know you and see the best in you then I give 1:1 high level accountability to make sure you push yourself to finish what you start.
  • I finished my PhD in 4.5 years and mentored others who finished in 2 and 3 years! I help you focus to finish faster! People often take excess years to complete their PhD because of a lack structure and strategy and a coach like me.
  • I have successfully navigated countless academic/professional transitions where many others have gotten stuck. I’m here to make sure you do not get stuck but navigate successfully and finish the degree.
  • Society is moving from being good at one thing to finding your niche, the intersection of your passion, training and abilities where all of your interests shine. I help you find your niche.
  • I have worked in multiple fields before and after my PhD and have an expansive network of scholars. Once you become my client you will have community access to can guide you to completion and beyond & grow your network.
  • I completed my dissertation while living with 5 family members, in a serious relationship and multiple jobs! I have strategies to help you balance the dissertation, family and work obligations.
  • I applied for jobs and received multiple offers while completing my PhD because who can wait until they are done to get a job or a better job!  I can help you do the same!
  • I have worked through failure to become resilient! I’m here to help you face your obstacles, increase your resilience, to grow and complete what you started!
  • I am committed to your success and to helping you develop strategies to operate in excellence in your own life!
  • I never reinvent the wheel but I use and maximize my resources. I’m here to coach you to do the same. Work smarter not harder!

Schedule your Scholar Assessment Session with me here:

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