Get Your Dissertation DONE!


Who doesn’t look forward to a freshly baked, homemade cookie over a store-bought cookie? Your mouth is watering already thinking about warm cookies, fresh out of the oven that melt in your mouth. Some of you may already be reaching for flour or cookie dough to put some cookies in the oven…You love homemade cookies so much that you don’t care if the cookie is not perfectly round from being made with a cookie cutter or is a little lumpy. You know that those lumps represents chocolate chips that make the cookie great and the irregular shape represents the love, care and uniqueness put into the cookie to make it homemade and just right for you.

But why is your dissertation coach talking about cookies? I’m not a dissertation coach who provides cookie cutter services. Instead, I provide personalized dissertation coaching to unique, special and driven working PhD students. I don’t provide cookie cutter coaching because it does not move working PhD students to dissertation completion.

I build relationships to understand the personalized needs of each working PhD student with whom I work to help them complete their dissertations with excellence and expediency. Because your dissertation research must be innovative, novel and position you as a scholar, your dissertation coaching experience also needs to be unique to your topic, methods, skills and committee. Even when there is a gap in your skills and the needs of your dissertation, my coaching and network provide tools and resources that push the best type of dissertation, A DONE ONE!

I started dissertation coaching because I saw so many working PhDs students stuck in the process and knew I could help. So like your fresh out of the oven homemade cookies, reach out and lets get your dissertation DONE!