Who We Are and What We Do

Led by Dr. Frances, the Carter-Johnson Group collaboratively provides a comprehensive suite of first-class, educational and professional coaching services geared towards working doctoral students. Services Include:  6-month and 12-month Group or Individual Dissertation Completion Coaching  Exclusive Dissertation Coaching Communities of Accomplished, Professional Doctoral Students Customized Research Methodology Support Packages  No matter where you are inContinue reading “Who We Are and What We Do”

Begin with the End in Mind

DOCTORAL STUDENTS, Working or Not, PLEASE BEGIN Your Degree with YOUR END IN MIND. What do I mean by this? No matter what: TYPE of institution (brick and mortar vs online university), HOW YOU ATTEND (full-time grad student with little to no outside employment vs. full-time employee doing school on nights and weekends), DEGREE (PhD,Continue reading “Begin with the End in Mind”

Get Your Dissertation DONE!

Who doesn’t look forward to a freshly baked, homemade cookie over a store-bought cookie? Your mouth is watering already thinking about warm cookies, fresh out of the oven that melt in your mouth. Some of you may already be reaching for flour or cookie dough to put some cookies in the oven…You love homemade cookiesContinue reading “Get Your Dissertation DONE!”

Get PhinisheD with Frances

May is the time of year when students and families experience commencement, a celebration of completing educational accomplishments and commencing new experiences towards one’s career of choice. Unfortunately, for many PhD students, the road to commencement is often longer and less well-defined compared to the path to commencement for other degrees. While I was fortunateContinue reading “Get PhinisheD with Frances”

What’s the ROI on Your Opportunities for Excellence?

Yesterday my friend from boarding school Desmond Walker and I reconnected for the first time in over 20 years. We were both thankful to reconnect but also so grateful for Mississippi’s investment in opportunities for excellence in us through our attending the Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science (MSMS). We both agreed how the MSMSContinue reading “What’s the ROI on Your Opportunities for Excellence?”

Don’t Let It Be This Long Before I Hear From You Again

A lot has changed since I started this blog in 2010. I completed my PhD in 2011, married the husband I’d prayed over a decade for in 2012, worked at four different organizations in 2 states in 5 years & became a mom in 2016 and a twin mom in 2018. Yep that’s right…at theContinue reading “Don’t Let It Be This Long Before I Hear From You Again”

Mississippi State University Women of Color Summit Weekend

It’s a great feeling to come home after extended time away and see progress. Progress is exactly what I saw and experienced attending the 2014 Women of Color Summit at Mississippi State University March 6-7, 2014. The goal of the summit was to encourage retention and success of current women of color at  State byContinue reading “Mississippi State University Women of Color Summit Weekend”

Change: My Only Constant

In June 2013, my old experiences all had new twists and my new experiences were in old familiar places, reminding me that change is sometimes my only constant. This may sound scary to a lot of people but I have always been one to embrace and thrive versus avoid change. I started the month attendingContinue reading “Change: My Only Constant”

Yes You Can! Be An Engineer!-A Motivational & Directional Talk to Middle School Girls

I just returned from Atlanta where I was the luncheon speaker for Spelman College’s Fall 2012 Girls Leadership Institute sponsored by Spelman’s LEADS and the US Department of Energy. The focus of the event was to expose  middle school girls at schools around Spelmanto STEM workshops on topics such as forensic science, electricity, lasers, andContinue reading “Yes You Can! Be An Engineer!-A Motivational & Directional Talk to Middle School Girls”