Don’t Let It Be This Long Before I Hear From You Again


A lot has changed since I started this blog in 2010. I completed my PhD in 2011, married the husband I’d prayed over a decade for in 2012, worked at four different organizations in 2 states in 5 years & became a mom in 2016 and a twin mom in 2018. Yep that’s right…at the moment I have 3 children under 3! So how and why am I back at blogging…Well that’s the point of this post.


Now that I’m a mom I’m working on balancing my personal and professional goals and making sure I’m my best mentally and physically to be the best I can for myself and my family. Through all the change, my passion for encouraging others especially as it relates to education and exercise remain the same. And believe it or not, I also have entrepreneurial goals for myself and my family. Previously, I’ve had an evaluation company with colleagues, completed training to open a daycare with my mom, and signed up to be an AirBnB host…they say good entrepreneurs are serial entrepreneurs, right? 

In search of the best entrepreneurial effort for my life right now, I recently started being coached by an excellent business development coach (Who you ask? Stayed tuned for that post!). From this coaching, I was directed to continue my entrepreneurial goals by adding income streams in areas of passion, purpose and present participation. So I’m back at blogging as I prepare to launch an income stream around coaching educational and career excellence. My website is where I will bring together all of my roles and passions, activities and social media presence as well as share resources related to educational and career excellence.

The posts on this site will also keep it real about how one can balance and work for it all (not just “have it all” as people like to say). To that end, I must thank my supportive, active and involved husband, mom and village that step in and help with childcare and household duties so that I can spend some time continuing the professional path I spent so much time on before becoming a mom. Let’s face it without a husband who enjoys cooking and doesn’t force me to do so, the mental energy required to post, coach or think entrepreneurially would most likely be lacking. Without a husband who will make and give a bottle and change diapers, it would be much harder or more expensive to write a blog post at 2am. Either I’d be exhausted or I’d be paying for nanny services (and working against building my own family’s wealth)…but again that’s another post. Without the dedicated grandmother my mom is by keeping my 3 under 3 at home while my husband and I continue our careers, it would be much harder to focus on my professional goals. I’ll try to explore the impacts of this support in future posts because believe it or not your support system is critical to your education and career excellence…but for now I’ll leave it right there until the next post…

p.s. I’m aiming to be creative with titles… they might be lyrics from songs, sports or political terms…If you recognize the song, artist or term or even if you don’t, leave me a comment and let me know your thoughts. and of course if the post resonates with you, leave me a comment…