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May is the time of year when students and families experience commencement, a celebration of completing educational accomplishments and commencing new experiences towards one’s career of choice. Unfortunately, for many PhD students, the road to commencement is often longer and less well-defined compared to the path to commencement for other degrees.

While I was fortunate enough to have a supportive dissertation advisor, be on a campus with a strong graduate school completion community and complete my PhD in 4.5 years, this was after I SWITCHED PhD programs TO GET THAT IDEAL SITUATION. So the question is what happens when your dissertation situation is not “the ideal?” What if your dissertation advisor is not often available? What if your life is already full of personal and professional obligations when the opportunity to pursue your doctoral degree becomes possible? Most doctoral students know how to complete coursework because they have successfully competed other degrees but the research and writing components of the dissertation process are less familiar and can delay commencement. When these situations happen, a DISSERTATION COACH is critical to navigate a more direct path to completion, commencement and an excellent career. I had various coaches for different parts of my dissertation completion process and know they helped me hone strategies of resilience and persistence that I still use today. Now I positioning myself to help others build those same skills.

If you are or know a working doctoral student who is feeling stuck at any point in the process, quickly refer them to me. My dissertation coaching program, GET PHinisheD with FRANCES, will help them move from dissertation delay to DISSERTATION COMPLETION.

Email to learn more.

Ready to get PhinisheD? Click here to schedule a Scholar Assessment Session with me.

Published by Frances Carter-Johnson - Encouraging Myself and Others

I’m Frances Carter-Johnson, a public scholar and coach for those seeking educational and career excellence. Completing a PhD can be one of the hardest experiences of your life! As a working PhD Candidate, you need to identify and work in your motivated strengths to EXCEL at ALL STAGES of completing your dissertation! I not only completed my dissertation but I’ve also coached multiple scholars to dissertation completion by developing and sharing appropriate services and strategies to guide scholars through EXCELLENCE!

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