Entering the world of blogging and tweeting

For almost 2 years now, one of my mentors at UMBC, Renetta Tull , has been stressing the importance of having and maintaining a professional online presence. She encouraged students in Maryland’s AGEP: PROMISE to have and maintain a LinkedIn Profile, a professional Facebook profile, a twitter account, and a professional blog or website. At first, I didn’t fully understandContinue reading “Entering the world of blogging and tweeting”

Evaluation – Motivation – Dissertation

I recently returned to Maryland after a whirlwind trip of professional obligations involving evaluation and motivation but all the while keeping my (and even others) dissertation(s) in my mind.  I’ll share some of my learnings and fun from these experiences as my first post on my blog that illustrates my life – academically, professionally, and personally . . . As oneContinue reading “Evaluation – Motivation – Dissertation”